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 IGN le da a Silent Hill Shattered Memories un 8,6/10

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MensajeTema: IGN le da a Silent Hill Shattered Memories un 8,6/10   Sáb Dic 05, 2009 11:15 pm

Así es, la controvertida IGN le ha otorgado a SIlent Hill un 8,6 de 10, lo cual en su escala significa Gran Juego... Aquí un pequeño extracto de su Crítica. Lo que más me ha extrañado ha sido un comentario que sacará más de algún pelo: "SH: Shattered memories es a la Saga de Konami lo que Resident Evil 4 significó a la saga de Capcom". Vale decir, una nueva mecánica totalmente diferente a lo que se venía enseñando detro de los SH, con una identidad completamente nueva.... pero también, con un desapego a lo que la saga también tenía de bueno. Además, como punto negativo, está el hecho que dure no más de 6 horas... lo cual, a un juego de esta generación se hace extremadamente corto. Por otro lado, debido a los multiples cambios que ofrece el juego según nuestras acciones, es completamente rejugable. Veremos qué es lo que pasa con eso.... La verdad, éste es un juego que sí o sí, de alguna forma, debo jugar

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"Shattered Memories isn't your typical Silent Hill game. Some devoted fans will undoubtedly raise a fuss over every difference whether subtle or grand, but I believe this re-imagining succeeds as both a sequel and a departure. The overarching narrative, characters, and monsters will all seem faintly familiar to Silent Hill purists, but Climax has taken the series and run with it, crafting a title refreshingly different yet still at times terrifying.

The game looks fabulous, the controls feel tailor made for Wii, the flashlight mechanic is stunningly atmospheric and useful, and the decision is to omit weapons results in chilling chase sequences. There is simply a lot to love about Shattered Memories, which is why it's so easy to recommend the title despite a couple of shortcomings.

I feel that the separation between safe exploration and puzzling and run-for-your-life monster scenarios is too transparent and as a result you will inevitably come to fear the ice and few things else. And despite a unique psych profile system that allows for multiple endings and various changes throughout the adventure, the game runs a bit short -- perhaps too short for some.

Even so, there are some incredible moments encapsulated within Harry's icy journey and you will be both wowed and scared as you finally uncover the truth about his daughter's disappearance and the nightmarish goings-on in the creepy town."

9.0 Presentation
An altogether slick experience from beginning to end. The original license reborn into something new. Seems tailor made for Wii, from the superb flashlight to audio cues out of the Wii remote.
9.0 Graphics
The claustrophobic world comes to life in great detail. Huge, seamless world. Realistic characters with fluid animation. Amazing lighting and particle systems. Some occasional framerate hiccups.
8.5 Sound
A moody, dynamic soundtrack by composer Akira Yamaoka complements strong voice acting, spooky sound effects and audio cues tied to the Wii remote's speaker.
8.5 Gameplay
Tight controls and clever puzzles are separated by truly terrifying chase sequences and lots of different gameplay variations, some of which involve fun gestures. The flashlight alone is entertaining.
6.5 Lasting Appeal
Really fun while it lasts, but the experience is short -- about five or six hours. You can come back and play again with very different results (and even a new ending), though.
(out of 10 / not an average)
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IGN le da a Silent Hill Shattered Memories un 8,6/10

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